Lithium Batteries

Replace your outdated lead acid, gel and AGM batteries with a battery from Lithium Battery Power, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries.

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LBP's lithium-ion batteries are compatible with any application that's powered by lead acid, gel or AGM batteries. The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) installed in our lithium batteries is programmed to ensure our cells can withstand high levels of abuse without battery failure. The BMS is engineered to maximize the performance of the battery by balancing the cells automatically, preventing any over-charging or over-discharging. LBP batteries can be operated for starting or deep cycle applications and perform well in both series and parallel connections. Any application that demands high quality, dependable and lightweight lithium batteries can be supported by our batteries and their integrated BMS.

Lithium Battery Customers

I should have bought this sooner for my boat’s house battery because I am really satisfied with its performance. I have two fridges and a small freezer, they operate better compared to the previous pair of batteries I used because these are powered with a little bit higher voltage. We anchor out often and satisfied with this product… if you often anchor out on the hook, no matter how long it is, I recommend to spend extra budget to get these batteries. I also put 4 of the 12v 100ah batteries in my golf cart to fully convert from lead acid and I absolutely love it!

Martin Garrix

My Solar/Wind powered RV is powered by six 12v 100 amp Lithium Ion Batteries from Lithium Battery Power. I have been using those six batteries everyday. I bought a 300amp battery for an additional battery bank and really glad I did. Even though the battery is light, it holds so much more power. Looking forward to buying another 300amp battery to make it 1,200amps!

Mary Haywood

I am a captain of a 54’ Sport Fishing Boat with twin diesel engines that need a lot of power to start. Usually, we have to start/stop the motors at different locations when where are out fishing. As the day goes on, some electronics run on the batteries and multiple starting weaken the batteries. However, after we installed Lithium Battery Power batteries, the boats’ engines run smoothly and take less time in starting. This gives my confidence a boost in shutting down the motors while I am fishing off-shore because I know there are still sufficient power to start the engine. That peace of mind in itself is well worth the investment!

Michael Sudder