Lithium Batteries

Replace your outdated lead acid, gel and AGM batteries with a battery from Lithium Battery Power, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries.

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LBP's lithium-ion batteries are compatible with any application that's powered by lead acid, gel or AGM batteries. The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) installed in our lithium batteries is programmed to ensure our cells can withstand high levels of abuse without battery failure. The BMS is engineered to maximize the performance of the battery by balancing the cells automatically, preventing any over-charging or over-discharging. LBP batteries can be operated for starting or deep cycle applications and perform well in both series and parallel connections. Any application that demands high quality, dependable and lightweight lithium batteries can be supported by our batteries and their integrated BMS.

Lithium Battery Customers

Batteries may not be sexy or glamorous, but as a full time guide spending 300+ days a year on the water, they're a huge backbone to run my business. Whether I'm spot locked offshore for hours at a time or using the trolling motor on the flats, I'm constantly relying on my batteries to put and keep us on the fish. I typically got about two years out of my old batteries before replacing all five. That adds up over the years... The new batteries I got from LBP saved me 125 lbs (50.3 lbs vs. 25 lbs each)!!! Not to mention they last at least five times longer. There's something to say about peace of mind knowing my boat will crank every time. I no longer have to worry about conserving trolling motor power and spending hours at the sandbar with electronics and stereo running is no problem... these batteries are truly game changers!!!! 

Capt. Ryan Harrington

We've been on the hunt for the perfect batteries for over two years and have gone through three different sets of lead acid, AGM, and Gel batteries along the way. We've had the LBP's on the Majek for about a month running them in all types of conditions - our draft has improved, we've consistently picked up four miles an hour, and have pushed our 36v Ultra to the max. We know that we've finally hit the jackpot with the Lithium Battery Power lithium batteries! From cranking to trolling motor and everything in between you don't have to look any further.

Team Shallowtails

I’ve been running Lithium Battery Power for all year now on the Major League bass pro tour. I have had zero issues with the 36 volt 60 amp I’m also running a 12 volt with two big 12 inch Lowrance with a 16 up front and never had a problem cranking my boat. Check out the best batteries on the market today.

Professional Bass Fisherman Bobby Lane

After switching to Lithium Battery Power I picked up a few MPH. Now with a full load and full tank I'm running as fast as I used to with a light load and low on gas! Not to mention all the other benefits of switching to lithium...

Capt. Michael Cowart