Custom Batteries

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Our lithium batteries are assembled in the USA using the highest grade materials and construction. Designed to take a beating for the long haul.

Get a Lithium Battery For Your Needs

Lithium Battery Power not only has the largest on-hand selection of lithium-ion batteries ready to ship, but we also have our own in-house manufacturing facility where we can make you a custom battery for your power application.

Customization Options

Whatever your lithium battery needs are, LBP can make a special solution just for you based on a variety of specifications:

  • Application type
  • Battery voltage
  • Capacity
  • Working conditions
  • Size
  • And more!


Additionally, you will still have a full manufacturers warranty on your custom made lithium-ion battery. We use nothing but the highest quality cells and materials in the manufacturing process, which is done right here in the USA.