Custom Batteries

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Our lithium batteries are assembled in the USA using the highest grade materials and construction. Designed to take a beating for the long haul.

Get a Lithium Battery For Your Needs

Lithium Battery Power not only has the largest on-hand selection of lithium-ion batteries ready to ship, but we also have our own in-house manufacturing facility where we can make you a custom battery for your power application.

Customization Options

Whatever your lithium battery needs are, LBP can make a special solution just for you based on a variety of specifications:

  • Application type
  • Battery voltage
  • Capacity
  • Working temperature and conditions
  • Size
  • And more!


Additionally, you will still have a full manufacturers warranty on your custom made lithium-ion battery. We use nothing but the highest quality cells and materials in the manufacturing process, which is done right here in the USA.

Start Building Your Custom Battery Now

Fill out our custom battery application form and let us help you design your future power needs! For any and all inquiries please reach out to us via our direct line at 727-223-9831 or email us at