Lithium Battery Power Frequently Asked Questions 

Are LBP lithium ion batteries safe?

You may have heard about exploding cell phones in the news, but according to international and federally regulated standards, all of Lithium Battery Power's LiFePo4 batteries are safe, non-explosive, and non-flammable. Everything we sell is carefully assembled and shipped by our skilled engineers here in Clearwater, Florida. 

How does shipping lithium batteries work?

Lithium is registered as a hazardous good with all shipping carriers, but we take extra care to ensure that your order will arrive safely at its destination. This involves special shipping materials and handling instructions. The shipping calculator that we use here on the website does not account for the fact that transporting hazardous goods will cost extra depending on the weight and destination of each order, so LBP may need to contact you to discuss additional shipping fees before your order goes out.

If you're placing a large order, sometimes LBP has the ability to ship via freight depending on your delivery destination. Please contact us prior to placing your order with any questions regarding shipping methods, or to receive an accurate quote. We also ship internationally.

What are the typical applications for LiFePo4 technology?

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries are used to provide electricity for boats (marine), RVs, solar hookups, automobiles, food trucks, electric vehicles, golf carts, e-bikes, e-skateboards, RC cars, and many more applications. LBP batteries can be used in anything that uses standard lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries.

Can you build me a custom battery to fit inside of a ____? 

Sure! Lithium Battery Power can build you the custom lithium battery of your dreams. Please click here to fill out a form with your specifications or give us a call. 

How efficient are lithium ion batteries? 

Battery life is totally dependent on how much electricity is consumed during the specific application, but lithium ion batteries are much more efficient at discharging and charging when compared to lead acid batteries. Lead based batteries aren't able to discharge more than 80%, and most manufacturers recommend to never deplete them more than 50%. With lithium you're able to deplete your battery 100% and it will maintain consistent voltage the entire time. That's right, there's no drop in power while your battery depletes. 

How light are LBP batteries?

LBP batteries are about 70% lighter than lead acid, on average.

How does lithium battery charging work?

While our batteries are compatible with virtually any standard battery charger, keep in mind that many automotive chargers are only capable of supplying 13.6V of power. That's not enough juice to fill your lithium battery 100%. Instead, we recommend to purchase one of our dedicated lithium battery chargers because they're geared to supply a continuous 14.4V of power (with a basic 12V charger). That's enough voltage to power up batteries to 100%. LBP chargers are also rugged, have a rapid charging feature, and are backed up by a ten year manufacturers warranty. 

If you're considering an installation on your boat, Lithium Battery Power carries a line of waterproof battery chargers in our marine line that are designed to take a beating from the elements.

How to calculate the right voltage of lithium battery charger:

Batteries Run in Series:
Batteries Run in Parallel:
One 12V battery works with one 12V charger.
Two 12V batteries run in parallel work with one 12V charger. 
Two 12V batteries run in series work with one 24V charger. 

Four 12V batteries run in series work with one 48V charger.

Regardless of the configuration, a multi-bank charger will charge multiple batteries at once. 

All Lithium Battery Power lithium ion batteries feature a built-in BMS that prevents them from being overcharged. 

Other methods of charging:

Alternators: LBP batteries can be sufficiently charged with most alternators. Most alternators allow a fill of about 14.4 - 14.8V. This is sufficient to charge a battery in normal conditions.

Inverters: Lately, inverter chargers are found in almost every RV, trailer, motorhome, solar system, etc. The inverter charger has a built-in transfer switch that can be connected to an AC source such as a power shore or generator. Most inverter chargers have a remote that can be programmed with either a battery charging system.

You can typically determine/adjust the charging voltage in most inverters. It is recommended to charge your lithium ion batteries to their designated voltage based on setup to ensure a full charge. Reference the manufacturers manual or contact our LBP team to help. Please also see the attached charging profile.

Inverters have 3 special charging settings also as follows:

Bulk 14.4V
Absorb 14.6V
Float 13.6V

(If you do not have a custom setting choose the profile as close to this as possible without going over 15V)

How long will my Lithium Battery Power batteries live for?

LBP’s advanced lithium technology can achieve over 3000+ complete charge and discharge cycles while still retaining over 100% DOD (depth of discharge). After roughly 3,000 cycles your battery will still work, but it might have about 80% of its life left. At this point, a 12V 100Ah battery is now comparable to a 12V 80Ah battery. 

I still need help, can you help me calculate how many batteries I need?

Sure! Please give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly staff is available from 9-5 EST Monday-Friday to answer your questions, no matter how technical.