Warranty Terms and Conditions

ALL LBP Batteries include a 10 Year Manufacturers Defect Warranty from the date of purchase. 5 Years FREE replacement and 5 years prorated.

0-5 years Free Replacement

5-7 years 25% off retail price

7-9 years 18% off retail price

9-10 years 10% off retail price

• The product must have been registered within 45 days of purchase or have an original purchase receipt in order to be eligible
for a warranty. If neither of these things are true Lithium Battery Power, LLC. reserves the right to deny any warranty claim.
You may register your product on our website Online or by completing the registration form included with your battery and
submitting it by mail or fax.
• Warranty is a guarantee against manufacturer defects.
• Jump starting, short circuiting, purposeful negligence and other abuse(s) will void warranty, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• This warranty does not cover negligence or misuse of the battery. If it is deemed that battery was used improperly, you will be
subject to an hourly repair charge plus parts and shipping.
• Lithium Battery Power, LLC. warranties are transferable. Only the original customer at there request may pay a transfer fee in
the amount of $75-250 (product determining) to transfer the ownership of said product to a new owner. If the item is resold from
the original purchaser to any other buyer without a transfer of ownership, no warranty is available. Please contact Lithium
Battery Power, LLC. to request a ownership transfer form. Original purchasing documents may be requested at time of transfer.
• All shipping of return items and replacement items are the customer’s responsibility unless deemed a manufactured defect.
• All warranty batteries must be returned to and received by Lithium Battery Power, LLC. within the warranty period.
• Shipping your battery back to Lithium Battery Power, LLC. without the proper paperwork and RMA identification may lead to
the loss of your item and/or the denial of your warranty claim.
• Any batteries damaged in the act of delivery back to Lithium Battery Power, LLC. will not be replaced under the free
replacement warranty program. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the item so that it will not be damaged during the
shipping process and to insure it. We recommend keeping the original boxing or request a replacement box from our shipping
department. At that time Lithium Battery Power, LLC. reserves the right to charge up to full MSRP for the item warranted.
• All RMA shipments must be sent with proper Hazardous / Regulated Goods Paperwork. - Lithium Battery Power, LLC. will
not bear responsibility for in-proper packaging, labeling, classification, or not having the shipment Dangerous Good’s certified
for shipment by a qualified shipper.
• If a customer wishes a pre-replacement right away, the customer will pay for a replacement that is sent out with all shipping
costs and a credit will be issued once the warranted battery is received and found to be defective or in need of repair. If the
battery is good, then no credit will be issued and the original battery will be sent back to the customer. The customer shall be
responsible for shipping back any warranted pre-replacement battery and/or on the return shipping of that battery sent with any
restocking fees subjected too if that battery is tested to be good after return.
• Each item is only eligible for one free replacement. After that a prorated price may be decided upon on a customer to customer
basis depending on the situation. At times only a repeat customer discount may be offered.
• Once a customer’s product has been warranted the replacement item only holds the warranty until the expiration of the
original item. The warranty does not start over on the replacement item.
• We also warrant all other complimentary products (inverters, converters, gauges, etc.) that we sell; are free from defect for 30
days from the date of purchase. After that time it is the responsibility of our manufacturing partners and a standard
manufacturer’s warranty applies (1 year from date of purchase, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer).
• Chargers carry a 30-day free from defect guarantee accompanied by a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. Please refer to
the supplied charger manual for its warranty conditions.

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Items that remain new and unused only may be returned within 10 days from the original date of purchase for a refund.
Returns will only be accepted from direct buyers from Lithium Battery Power, LLC..
Lithium Battery Power, LLC resellers reserve the right to accept or deny product within their company’s policies. Items must
be returned and received by Lithium Battery Power, LLC by the 10th day from date of receipt of merchandise from Lithium
Battery Power, LLC. Once the item has been returned, the current selling price or original purchase price (whichever is
lowest) of the item will be credited to the purchaser. Please allow 3-5 days processing time. The total refund will be less
shipping and handling and will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Per managers discretion, under special circumstances,
returns may be accepted past 10 days but not greater than 30 days and can only be eligible for store credit only, minus
applicable restocking fee. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

You must contact LBP for a RMA Number prior to submitting a claim. Returns and claims submitted without one will be denied.  Warranty Claim Form - Download (PDF)