Disclaimer Policy – Lithium Battery Power, LLC

Disclaimer Policy

Lithium Battery Power, LLC Disclaimer and Acceptance Policy:

  1. All advice, information, recommendations, warnings, presentations, media, and informational materials, etc. offered by LBP should be considered unqualified, apply any such provided information at your own risk.
  2. Other than for the replacement of the battery itself or equal value, Lithium Battery Power, LLC its owners, employees, and all other agents (collective party herein referred to as Lithium Battery Power or LBP, will not be responsible for any damages, harm, or troubles resulting or assumed to be the result of the installation or wrongful use of our batteries, regardless of the method and means. You do so at your own risk. By utilizing the Battery, you except these terms.
  3. Lithium Battery Power disclaims any liability for injury, death, or damages due to the functioning characteristics of the application (Golf Cart, RV, Boat, Solar, etc.) that the batteries are used in. Please consult the manufacturer of the equipment for specifics before use.
  4. You assume all responsibility and risk for the use of the safety resources available on or through our web page. Lithium Battery Power does not assume any liability for the materials, information and opinions provided on, or available through, this web page (or forums). No advice or information given by Lithium Battery Power, or its employees shall create any warranty. Reliance on such advice, information or the content of this web page is solely at your own risk, including without limitation any safety guidelines, resources or precautions related to the installation, operation, maintenance or repair of any Lithium Battery Power products, or any other information related to safety that may be available on or through this web page. Lithium Battery Power disclaims any liability for injury, death or damages resulting from the use thereof.


  1. If you do not accept and agree with this policy, return your products immediately before installing them, doing otherwise is the acknowledgement of your acceptance of these terms and policies.


Battery Warning and Use Agreement:

By purchasing ANY Lithium Battery Power Battery, the Buyer.

  • Assumes all risk associate with lithium batteries
  • Is responsible for reading all safety warnings and instructions prior to charging or use of their batteries.
  • Understands Batteries made with Lithium NMC and / or phosphate batteries or volatile and failure to read and follow safety instructions may result in fire, explosion, personal injury, and damage to property if used or charged improperly.
  • Understands LBP IS NOT responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by negligent use of these products (and their applications).
  • Agrees to contact the Manufacture with any questions or concerns you may have regarding their products.


Important Safety Instructions and Warnings:

  • Be aware the use of batteries might cause damages of residual leaking, fire, or explosion when misused, mishandled, or defective.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s care and use instructions with all regulations and applicable laws.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to ensure all devices have necessary protection circuits (Installed with the Battery).
  • ALWAYS store batteries in a fireproof container, charge in an isolated area away from carpet, wood, paper, and any other flammable materials.
  • DO NOT disassemble, crush, cut, puncture, short circuit, incinerate, or expose batteries to any fire, water, or extreme temperature, heat or cold.
  • DO NOT use batteries that are damaged, peeling, punctured, dented, or cosmetically altered.
  • DO NOT use batteries with products that operate at a higher electrical current.
  • DO NOT keep or place batteries in or any containers that may allow the batteries to contact metal or create short-circuit conditions. Keep batteries out of reach from children and pets.
  • DO NOT mix and use old and new batteries, or batteries from different brands (or types).
  • DO NOT build your own Battery pack or charger.
  • DO NOT modify a Charger or Battery
  • ALWAYS use a smart charger with protection circuits.

Warranty Policy:

We also warranty all other complementary products (inverters, converters, chargers, etc.) we sell are free from defects for 30 days from the date of purchase.  After that time, it is the responsibility of our manufacturing partners and standard manufacturer’s warranty applies (1 year from date of purchase, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer).


This limited warranty shall not apply to damage to or failure of a product that results from: (i) any negligence other that by Lithium Battery Power; (ii) accident (including, but not limited to, damage during shipment and natural disasters); (iii) other circumstances beyond Lithium Battery Power control (including, but not limited to, normal capacity loss or increased resistance due to product aging); (iv) improper installation, operation in an unintended manner (including, but not limited to, abnormal or non-consumer use or use in an environment outside the recommended temperature range or humidity), maintenance, or storage (including, but not limited to, storage in an overly discharged state); or (v) any other damage directly or indirectly caused by the product’s owner, other third parties, or other products (including, but not limited to, misuse, abuse, overcharging, over-discharging, exceeding of the product’s limitations set forth in the product’s specification sheet or label, neglect, physical damages caused by accidents or crash, vibration damage, alterations, poor connections, or connection to poorly-grounded battery chargers).  This limited warranty shall also not apply to defects or non-conformity due to the manufacturing process discovered after the expiration of the applicable warranty period.  This warranty does not extend to any damage caused by affixing any parts or equipment not purchased from Lithium Battery Power to the product and no warranties, either express or implied, are made with respect to equipment or products not produced by Lithium Battery Power.  If the product is relocated outside of the continental United States during the applicable warranty period, the product’s owner will be responsible for any additional chargers (including, but not limited to, shipping and other related charges and expense) incurred during the warranty process because of such relocation.

Warranties are Non-Transferable (No Exceptions)