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Are Lithium-ion Batteries Dangerous?

12v 100Ah Lithium Battery
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Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Guide to Lithium Solar Batteries

lithium solar batteries
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How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor Battery for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor Battery for Your Needs
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A Guide to Choosing the Best Boat Battery

12v75Ah Lithium Battery
There is a lot that goes into choosing the right lithium battery for your boat. Here we have a full explanation of how to pick the right right batteries for your trolling motors and bait wells.

Lithium-ion vs Lead for Off-Grid Energy

What makes lithium-ion a game changer for off-grid energy storage? In recent years there have been many off-grid energy systems on the market with...

Why Lithium?

Why Lithium?
Lithium Battery Power is revolutionizing energy on a daily basis. A more efficient and lighter weight battery compared to lead acid that is great for golf carts, boats, un-interruptable power sources, RV's, ATV's and much more. With capability to be charged either by plug in chargers, solar chargers, or ran off your current setup we have something to fit your clean energy needs!