LBP 36V 60Ah BT Lithium Battery

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Lithium Battery Power 36V 60AH Lithium Ion Battery is a high-performing deep cycle battery built on patented Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate chemistry. The LBP36V60Ah features a built-in automatic battery management system (BMS) that keeps the battery running at peak performance for maximizing cell cycle life. This is a plug and play option for most applications that currently uses a lead acid, gel, or AGM style battery. This is a great option for 36V marine trolling motors.

Electric Vehicles (EVs): This battery can power small electric vehicles, such as electric scooters, electric bicycles, or electric motorcycles. Its high capacity allows for extended travel distances before requiring a recharge.

Golf Carts: Golf carts commonly employ 36V battery systems. With a 60Ah lithium battery, a golf cart can operate for longer durations, making it suitable for golf courses, resorts, or other recreational purposes.

Electric Boats: Small electric boats or pontoons can benefit from a 36V 60Ah battery. It can provide enough power to propel the boat, operate onboard electronics, and ensure an extended period on the water before needing a recharge.

Off-Grid Power Systems: This battery can be employed in off-grid solar power installations or as a backup power source. It can store energy generated by solar panels during the day and supply it when needed, enabling continuous power supply during periods without sunlight.

Renewable Energy Storage: The battery can be used to store excess energy generated from renewable sources like wind or solar farms. This stored energy can then be discharged during high-demand periods or when renewable energy production is low.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): In critical power applications, such as data centers, hospitals, or telecommunications, a 36V 60Ah lithium battery can serve as a reliable backup power source, providing uninterrupted electricity in the event of a power outage.

Electric Tools and Equipment: Certain electric tools, such as high-power drills, saws, or lawn equipment, can benefit from the extended runtime and high capacity of this battery, allowing for prolonged use without frequent recharges.

Energy Storage for Home: The battery can be integrated into residential energy storage systems, allowing homeowners to store excess energy generated from their solar panels. This stored energy can be used during the evenings or during power outages.

Robotics and Drones: The battery can power robotic systems, autonomous vehicles, or drones, providing them with a reliable and long-lasting power source to perform their tasks effectively.

Electric Fence Systems: Agricultural or livestock management often requires electric fence systems. The 36V 60Ah battery can provide the necessary energy to electrify fences and maintain their functionality for an extended period.

Download the Lithium Battery Spec Sheet

•              >4000 Cycles at 80% depth of discharge

•              Series and/or Parallel operation

•              Automatic cell balancing system

•              IP56 Water and Dust resistant Group 31 case

•              Temperature monitoring

•              Exceptional voltage stability

•              Rugged mechanical design

•              Maintenance free

•              No hydrogen generation or gas

•              <70% the weight of similarly sized SLA batteries

•              Stock available for quick delivery in US or worldwide

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  • 10 year warranty.



Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity @ 1C


Charge Voltage

46.2V - 46.6V

Charge Current: Recommended

< 15A

Discharge Voltage Minimum


Discharge Current Max (Constant)


Pulse Current 




BCI Group Number

Group 31

Terminals (TPI)

3/8" x 1.25

Dimensions L x W x H (w/Terminals)

13.25" x 6.7" x 8.5"


Operating Temperature

Charge: -10°C to 45°C

Discharge: -20°C to 60°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 50°C

Optimal Humidity

5% to 95%

Water/Dust Resistance Rating (IP)

 IP 56

Ingress Protection: Solids/Dust

5 Rating: Protected against harmful deposits of dust

Ingress Protection: Water/Moisture

6 Rating: Protected against strong jets of water


UL1642, FFC Class B

Shipping Classification

UN 3480, Class 9

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jamie Hough
Most incredible batteries ever!

I replaced 4, lead cell, 27 series batteries with one 36 Volt and one 12 volt LBP’s. I’ve eliminated 250 pounds of weight from my console and with the Power Pole charging system, I never have to plug my boat in. The added power and reliability make every charter trip I do, more enjoyable because I have piece of mind that I have enough trolling motor power and cranking power, all of the time! I don’t know why I didn’t get them sooner.

Nate Weissman
Solid performer

After 2 weeks of constant use this battery has proved itself to be a solid performer. I'm impressed.

Stephen Benner

36V 60Ah Lithium Battery

Michael Sorrel
Cutting Edge

Considering the 24# weight is half of the 3x50Ah LiPO4 batteries that were the best I could get just five years ago, this battery is definitely on the cutting edge. Add that it takes less than half the space with a third of the wiring and it’s perfect for my poling skiff. I’m getting over 4mph with a 112# trolling motor on 10/10, and gave run it hard for over 15 minutes just to see if it trips and it doesn’t. Don’t think I will ever kill this battery in a day of fishing.

Jonathan Carlson

36V 60Ah Lithium Battery