About Marine Lithium Batteries

Powering the Boats of the Future

Power your boat or luxury yacht by upgrading to Lithium Battery Power high quality marine lithium-ion batteries. To learn all out what Lithium Battery Power's batteries can do for you, please check out our complete LBP Marine Lithium Battery Guide. In this article we'll go over some of the basics of getting started.

Whether you’re a commercial fisherman, captain, compete in fishing tournaments regularly, or simply just enjoy going out to the sandbar on the weekends, you probably realize that the number one problem when boating is having a reliable battery.   

For years, lead-acid and AGM batteries have dominated the marine industry because they’re readily available, cheap, and easily replaceable. The issue is that these batteries don’t hold a charge for very long, are prone to acid leakage, and generally weigh down water vessels a considerable amount. Thankfully LBP's engineers work closely with people who are on the water a lot, and together we developed a modern line of batteries to meet even the most intense energy needs.

Built in Battery Protection

LBP marine lithium batteries all come equipped with a dedicated Battery Management System (BMS) to prevent overcharging and power malfunctions at sea.n The LiFePO4 cells that use are the safest battery cells available. 

100% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

Maximize your energy potential with 100% Depth of Discharge. This means that you can use all 100% of the battery's capacity to power your boat. Lead-acid/ AGM batteries slowly decrease their power and performance while the charge depletes.

We Sell Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

LBP marine batteries are compatible with all brands of trolling motors on the market. We recommend using a 36V deep cycle lithium battery for the best possible performance.

70% Lighter than Lead

Our batteries are about 70% lighter than a standard AGM or lead-acid battery. They also pack more energy than the standard sized battery. This weight savings translates into an increased overall top speed on the water, improved acceleration, and more efficient fuel consumption.

Long Life 3000 - 5000 Cycles

Lithium Battery Power marine lithium-ion batteries require no maintenance at all. Our lithium batteries are good for about 3000-5000 life cycles vs. 200-300 life cycles that most AGM or lead acid batteries live for. This typically means that your LBP battery will last for around 10 years. 

More Voltage is More Power

High torque operation requires high power. Cranking can drop the voltage of your battery. Our batteries are designed to be able to maintain the voltage above 13V to supply extra power to your motor(s) during cranking mode. Compared to practically any battery on the market, LBP batteries will always start your engine faster and deliver more consistent power.

The failure rate of our batteries is less than .01% which makes us the preferred battery brand for individual and enterprise customers looking for dependable marine lithium batteries. 

Standard BCI Group Sizes

All Lithium Battery Power lithium-ion batteries and standard lead-acid batteries are available in the same group sizes. That means that our batteries will work with any boat out there. Once you're all hooked up it's time to enjoy your batteries maintenance-free for their entire lifetime. 

Installation Information

Plug & Play

The tagline for our drop-in replacement lithium batteries is “plug and play”. While Lithium Battery Power has designed our products to make the installation process as simple as possible, we recommend that you take extra safety precautions when attempting installations at home. Please call us directly with any installation questions or seek assistance from a professional. 

Link multiple batteries in parallel, series, or both

LBP batteries are designed to suit your specific power needs, so you can link multiple batteries together in series or parallel (or both!). When you hook up batteries in series the voltage will increase while the amp hours remain the same (4 x 12V 100Ah batteries = 48V 100Ah total). When you hook up batteries in parallel (negative to negative and positive to positive), the amp hours will increase while the voltage remains the same (4 x 12V 100Ah batteries = 12V 400Ah)

Batteries Run in Series:
Batteries Run in Parallel:

Charging and Energy Management

Charge our batteries with any standard lithium battery charger, alternator, or charge controller that's made to charge lead-acid, gel or AGM batteries. However, if your charger fails to reach sufficient voltage, the battery may not be fully charged. To overcome this, get the longest life out of our batteries and maximize performance by using one of LBP's proprietary chargers. All of the chargers in our marine line are waterproof for safe installation on your boat (you can quickly mount one with 4 screws).

One 12V battery works with one 12V charger.
Two 12V batteries run in parallel work with one 12V charger. 
Two 12V batteries run in series work with one 24V charger. 

Four 12V batteries run in series work with one 48V charger.

Regardless of the configuration, a multi-bank charger will charge multiple batteries at once.


Using a standard LBP 48V 20A waterproof charger, many boaters report that they can charge all of the batteries in their boat (from empty to full) in about 6-7 hours. 

Tip: To prevent heat and resistance that usually occurs in a loose terminal, ensure that your battery connections are always firmly tightened.

Measure your battery levels via bluetooth 

Using a Victron Bluetooth Smart Gauge, you can now track the current flowing through a battery bank with your phone. The gauge uses an advanced algorithm to monitor the state of charge and will display "percentage remaining" and "amp hours" remaining.