About Marine Lithium Batteries

Powering your boats

Power your luxury yachts and boats with Marine Lithium Ion Batteries. Get privilege to start your engine whenever you want.

Lithium Battery Power marine lithium ion batteries comes with dual mode – starting and deep cycle mode that give you a freedom to power up your beautiful yachts.

We have distributed over 15,000 batteries worldwide.

The failure rate of our batteries is less than 1% which makes us the preferred battery’s brand for individual and enterprise customers for dependable marine lithium ion batteries.

Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

Our products offer Deep Cycle Lithium Battery which can be combined in series for Trolling motors 12V, 24V, or 36V.

Our batteries have been working with all brand trolling motors.

Plug & Play

Simply plug in your battery in no time! We have designed our batteries to make the installation and maintenance easier for you.

Built in Battery Protection

Our marine lithium ion batteries are equipped with Battery Protection System (BPS) to prevent any battery accident at sea.

100% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

Maximize your battery potential with 100% Depth of Discharge! This means you can use all 100% of battery capacity to power up your boat.


Get privilege to connect our batteries in parallel or series! Now you can design the circuit freely without worrying about battery connections.

70% Lighter than Lead

Our batteries save your space more than the average battery! Our batteries require smaller space (only 30% of average batteries) and have lesser weight (only 30% of average batteries weight).

Long Life 3000 - 5000 Cycles

Enjoy the great quality of our marine lithium ion batteries. You will still be able to use almost all of the capacity even after 2000 cycles!

More Voltage is More Power

High torque operation requires high power. Cranking can drop the voltage of your battery. Our batteries are designed to be able to maintain the voltage above 13 V to power up your motor during cranking mode. Compared to most batteries in the market, our battery can start your engine faster and deliver more power.

Installation Information

Assemble your inverter charger

Lithium Battery Power (L.B.P.) lithium ion batteries are compatible with any standard marine alternator or charger. Your inverter/charger remote is advised to be set to 14.6V for Bulk and Absorb, and the Float to 13.6V.

Link multiple batteries in parallel or in series

Lithium Battery Power (L.B.P.) lithium ion batteries are designed to suit your needs, whether it is to increase capacity by parallel connection or to increase voltage by series connection. The cells are independently controlled by the protection system from the built-in battery to maximize the capacity of the battery for thousands of cycles.


Charge your Lithium Battery Power (L.B.P.) lithium ion batteries with any standard charger, alternator and charge controller made to charge lead acid, gel or AGM Batteries. However, if your charger fails to reach sufficient voltage, the battery may not be fully charged. To overcome this, get longest life out of our batteries and maximum performance from a line of our specially crafted 12V lithium battery charger.

Standard BCI Group Sizes

Lithium Battery Power (L.B.P.) lithium batteries and Lead Acid Batteries are in the same group sizes. Set up is as easy as connecting your cables. In a case of an accidentally wired backward battery or if the positive and negative terminal are touched together with a wrench, the built-in battery protection system is programmed to disconnect automatically. The battery can be operated right after installation and cables connection. Our tagline of drop-in replacement lithium batteries is “plug and play”. It relieves you from any maintenance for a lifetime, in contrast with other lithium batteries that need complex external cable for battery management systems. You only need to install once and for all!

Solar Charging

Lithium Battery Power (L.B.P.) lithium batteries is compatible with every standard solar charge controller. Improve your performance by changing your lead batteries that lose 25% of the power from the solar panel because of resistance to our batteries that can absorb almost 100% energy from the solar system with 99.1% efficiency.

Tip: To prevent heat and resistance that usually occurs in a loose terminal, ensure your battery connections are firmly tightened.