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LBP 12V 108Ah High Performance Lithium Battery

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Lithium Battery Power 12V 108Ah Lithium Ion Battery is a perfect starting battery, offering 1260 cold cranking amps. It features high amp starting and audio battery built on patented Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) HP chemistry. The 12V108Ah features a built-in battery management system (BMS) that keeps the battery running at peak performance while preventing overheating, overcharging, and maximizing cell cycle life. This is a plug and play option for most applications that currently uses a lead acid, gel, or AGM style battery.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Campers: The battery can power the electrical systems in RVs, campers, or motorhomes. It can provide energy for lighting, appliances, water pumps, and other onboard electronics, allowing for extended periods of off-grid camping.

Marine Applications: The battery can be used in small boats, sailboats, or yachts that require a 12V power supply. It can power navigation equipment, lighting, radios, and other onboard electronics.

Off-Grid Solar Systems: The battery can be utilized in off-grid solar power installations for cabins, remote homes, or other applications where grid access is limited. It can store energy generated by solar panels during the day and supply power during the night or when solar production is low.

Camping and Outdoor Activities: The battery can power various camping equipment, such as portable refrigerators, fans, lights, or charging stations for electronic devices. It allows for convenient and reliable power during outdoor adventures.

Emergency Backup Power: The battery can serve as a backup power source for critical equipment or during power outages. It can power essential devices such as medical equipment, communication systems, or security systems.

Electric Fence Systems: Agricultural or livestock management often requires electric fence systems. The 12V 108Ah battery can provide the necessary power to electrify the fences and maintain their functionality.

Solar Street Lighting: The battery can be used to power solar street lighting systems, providing a reliable and independent source of energy for illuminating streets, pathways, or parking lots.

Portable Power Stations: The battery can be integrated into portable power stations, allowing for easy transport and versatile power supply. It can provide electricity for outdoor events, construction sites, or remote work locations.

Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters: The battery can power electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or other mobility aids, providing extended usage time and reliable performance.

Backup Power for Home Security Systems: The battery can serve as a backup power source for home security systems, ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.

•              >4000 Cycles at 80% depth of discharge

•              Series and/or Parallel operation

•              Automatic cell balancing system

•              IP56 Water and Dust resistant Group 31 case

•              Temperature monitoring

•              Exceptional voltage stability

•              Rugged mechanical design

•              Maintenance free

•              No hydrogen generation or gas

•              <70% the weight of similarly sized SLA batteries

•              Stock available for quick delivery in US or worldwide

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Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity @ 1C


Charge Voltage

14.45V - 14.60V

Charge Current: Recommended

< 50A

Discharge Voltage Minimum


Discharge Current Max (Constant)


Pulse Current 




BCI Group Number

Group 31

Terminals (TPI)

M8 x 1.25

Dimensions L x W x H (w/Terminals)

13.25" x 6.7" x 8.5"


Operating Temperature

Charge: -10°C to 45°C

Discharge: -20°C to 60°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 50°C

Optimal Humidity

5% to 95%

Water/Dust Resistance Rating (IP)

 IP 56

Ingress Protection: Solids/Dust

5 Rating: Protected against harmful deposits of dust

Ingress Protection: Water/Moisture

6 Rating: Protected against strong jets of water


UL1642, FFC Class B

Shipping Classification

UN 3480, Class 9


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