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Great Customer Service

William was fantastic and helped me out with everything I needed. 10/10, recommend doing business with them.

Great customer service

Explaining things very well to where anyone could understand it. The people that went to pick up the items said they were very efficient and easy-going.

36V 60AH battery

Second one i have bought from LBP. Great product along with excellent customer service. Recieved battery within one week of purchase.

LBP 12V/24V Trolling Motor Lithium Battery Kit
John Worsky
Absolutely Amazing

LPB has been amazing. Great customer service(which do don’t get with other Lithium battery companies). Everything was explained to me over the phone regarding the operations of the batteries.


I have used my Power-Pole Move with the 36v a few times now, for 7-8 hours per day, and have burned 20% of the battery or less every time! Incredible battery life!


Does not start charging when plugged in . I have to disconnect positive lead from battery to get it to start charging?? No good!!

Hello Rob,
I just tried reaching you by phone to no avail. Please know that your purchase includes technical support for the life of the battery. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to speak with one of our engineers for trouble shooting.

Amber Endress
General Manager

An awesome battery!

Just took it out and used it for a full day (10 hours of use). Battery power went from 93% to 78%!

Victron 24V 12Ah IP65 Bluetooth Lithium Battery Charger

Quality issue

The fact this unit lasted less than 2 years is absurd, and it also drained the battery so that it had to be sent back at considerable cost for repair makes it worse.

Replaced 4 x 6V Golf Batteries with this 300Ah ECO Lithium Battery 3 years ago

Our 40' Diesel Pusher originally came with 4 x 6V 50Ah Deep Cycle Golf Batteries run in series and in parallel to give 12V 100Ah. The Lithium Power 300Ah ECO Lithium Battery fit in the same space (in fact, it was a bit smaller), was half the weight, and provided 3 times the power. Of course, we needed to update the Electrical Management System (EMS) to recognize the LFP battery. We installed the 300Ah ECO Lithium Battery 3 years ago and it has been working great ever since! We highly recommend this battery!

Trusted Lithium Battery

The 36V Bluetooth battery and LBP battery tray made for a perfect solution on our trolling motor install. The app is easy to use and straight forward. The battery is light weight, full of power, and mounted perfect with the LBP tray.

The top of the try does not fit correctly

I paid someone to install these and the top portion does not fit correctly

Power for coffee

These batteries have been a GREAT addition to our coffee trailer. Great product, great customer service. Thank you LBP!

More awesome products from a great company

This new charger is the bomb I love being auto leave it on my kayak plug in up when I’m done fishing and it’s ready to go. Thanks again from this Tennessee Kayak angler.

Wasn’t me

I didn’t buy this

It’s a great battery charger works really fast for my 60ah stays nice and cool

LBP 36V 60Ah BT Lithium Battery

So far its GREAT!!!

From my limited experience I am extremely happy with my 24V75ah lithium battery. It was purchased to power my new Minn Kota Terrova iPilot 24V / 80# trolling motor. Used it for 5 hours (spot lock in the Gulf) over a two day period and still have 82% battery power remaining. That's impressive!!! Even more importantly, the communication with the company is outstanding. When you call a live person answers the phone. Email response is also immediate. This has been a great experience being I jumped in with both feet with this "new" battery technology.

LBP batteries are here to stay I love lithium

The people at LBP batteries lithium in Clearwater Florida took care of me big time after a bad battery issue they were really great and I appreciate what they did for me thank you.

Small light weight fits well small compartment!

Most incredible batteries ever!

I replaced 4, lead cell, 27 series batteries with one 36 Volt and one 12 volt LBP’s. I’ve eliminated 250 pounds of weight from my console and with the Power Pole charging system, I never have to plug my boat in. The added power and reliability make every charter trip I do, more enjoyable because I have piece of mind that I have enough trolling motor power and cranking power, all of the time! I don’t know why I didn’t get them sooner.

Extremely impressed!

Man what a game changer this charger really is!

Installed and could not get it to work. Have to wait foe Ben to get back

LBP 36V 10Ah Waterproof Lithium Battery Charger

Amazing batteries

After trying four other lithium battery brands, we have finally found the perfect tried, and true state of the art lithium battery.
These LBP lithium batteries have surpassed every expectation we’ve had!