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Enjoy plug and play feature on the Lithium Battery Power (LBP) Lithium-Ion Batteries. You only need to replace your old batteries with the Lithium Battery Power (LBP), ignite the machine, and you are all set. Extend the lifetime of your golf cart to more than ten years or over 3000 cycles with our batteries.


Find the benefits of Lithium Battery Power (LBP) Lithium Batteries for your golf cart below

Longer Life

One of the components of our batteries, lithium iron phosphate chemistry, has a life expectancy of 3000 – 5000 cycles. Usually, a good quality lead-acid batteries used in a golf cart has 100 – 300 cycles. The lead acid batteries will produce less than half of their rated capacity after 150 cycles, providing you with less than half the capacity of a brand new lead-acid battery. A set of Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium batteries has nearly ten times cycle life of lead-acid battery.

Greater Voltage

Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium golf cart batteries are able to handle greater voltage compared to lead batteries when used. This produces higher torque for your machine and helps optimize the efficiency of the controller and electronics. With lead batteries, stepping on the pedal will drop the voltage to below 10V which reduces the efficiency of the controller and also reduces the power to the motor, and subsequently reduces torque. Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium golf cart batteries will cut the time needed for your cart to speed up and maintain the speed with the higher voltage when your cart is climbing hills and throughout the entire charge cycle.

Bigger Capacity

Enjoy 100% of the rated capacity by using Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium golf cart batteries without worrying about the life expectancy being lowered. On the other hand, you can only drain lead-acid batteries to 50%. With lead acid batteries, filling your gas tank with 100 gallons of gas will only give you the power of 50 gallons.

Life at 2000 cycles

After 2000 cycles, Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium golf cart batteries are able to maintain more than 80% of the rated capacity at 100% depth of discharge. In the other words, your 100AH lithium battery will be equal to 80AH battery after 2000 cycles. This means, after you go for 100 miles when the lithium battery is still new for 2000 cycles, you can still go for 80 miles.

48V Golf Carts

Upgrade your 48V Gold Cart from 8-6V lead batteries with the modern lithium-ion battery technology with only 4-12V lithium-ion batteries in series connection.

Less Weight

In average, Lithium Battery Power (LBP) Lithium Batteries weigh 70% lighter compared to lead batteries. The old 500 lbs. lead batteries in a typical 48V gold cart can be replaced with lithium to make the cart 300 lbs. lighter. This will positively impact the energy needed to speed up the cart and reduce wear and tear on your carts controller, motor, suspension, frame, and tires.

Fast Charging

Do more with our Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium batteries with 99.1% efficiency, much better compared to lead-acid battery with 50 – 80% efficiency. Lead batteries lose approximately 10 – 50% from the charger when charged. In other words, half of the power charged to your batteries is lost because of the resistance from the lead batteries. By using the same charger, lithium batteries charge nearly 50% faster. It is recommended to use our charger for your golf cart to ensure the longest life and maximum performance from our lithium golf cart batteries. Our charger enables you to recharge Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium batteries for less than an hour.

LifeTime Warranty

To protect your investment, we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our product. You don’t have to worry about battery replacement for your cart anymore with life expectancy up to 5000 cycles. Even if you drain the battery in your cart every day for 10 years until 100%, it will still be more than enough because it’s only 365 days per year x 10 years = 3,650 cycles.

No Memory

Recharge your Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium batteries anytime, regardless you went for 50 miles or only 500 ft. because our battery has no memory. On the other hand, lead batteries are suggested to be used to the recommended depth of discharge prior to recharging to maintain the battery.

36V Golf Carts

Upgrade your 36V Gold Cart from 6-6V lead batteries with the modern lithium-ion battery technology with only 3-12V lithium-ion batteries in series connection.


Every battery is supported by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Every Lithium Battery Power (LBP) is supported with an Automatic Built-In Battery Protection System (BPS)


We took safety as top priority. We use LiFePO4 cells that are known as non-hazardous, and most importantly, one of the safest cells on earth.


In average, Lithium Battery Power (LBP) Lithium Batteries weigh 70% lighter compared to lead-acid, AGM or gel battery with the same size case.

Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Chargers

Lithium Battery Power (LBP) has several selections of Lithium Chargers for Golf Carts.

Charging FAQ’s

Lithium Battery Power (LBP) lithium-ion batteries are compatible with your cart’s standard charger. However, using Lithium Battery Power (LBP) Lithium-Ion Battery Charger will provide you with maximum performance and most extended life from the batteries. Lithium Ion Battery Chargers

Plug and Play

Easily replace your lead batteries with 3 or 4 Lithium Battery Power (LBP) (depends on your type of Golf Cart, 36V or 48V). Connect the Lithium Battery Power (LBP) with the cables you usually use for your lead batteries. Switch the cart on and step on the pedal, now you are all set!

Case Study

Find out why world-leading commercial fleets are migrating to Lithium Battery Power (LBP) Lithium-Ion Batteries and maintain the budget at the same time.

Case Study

Learn why changing to Lithium Ion Technology is helpful with Pleasantville Golf Course Study


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