The True Story of The Lithium Batteries That Wouldn't Die

The True Story of The Lithium Batteries That Wouldn't Die

What happens when you leave lithium marine batteries submerged in salty sea water for 4 days? If they are LBP batteries, then you can expect nothing to happen.

A few months ago one of our employees learned about boat maintenance the hard way when his 30ft center console Conch sunk at the dock due to a lift malfunction. It all happened during a particularly stormy summer night. In the blink of an eye, lightning struck the lift that his boat was hoisted onto – causing the beloved Conch to sink with twin Mercury 350s, Garmin electronics, and countless possessions inside. After waiting 4 days for a Sea Tow to come along, the boat was pulled from the murky depths and the damage started to be assessed.

Conch batteries

RIP to the Conch

The insurance estimate was not good – the boat was completely totaled but some high quality gear was salvageable. The 3 X 12V100Ah LBP batteries were eventually removed and brought back to our Clearwater facility for testing. The post-accident examination came as a surprise to all of us! Despite experiencing heavy corrosion on the terminals, the cases did not let in any water at all. A voltage meter showed that each battery still had a charge and was putting out the same power as before the accident!

12 volt 100ah lithium

Battery 1 = 95%

12 volt battery

Battery 2 = 70%

lithium marine batteries

Battery 3 = 72%

While a shipwreck is extremely rare, our customers gain extra peace of mind from the knowing their lithium batteries are built to the highest of specifications. Here are some more reasons why LBP lithium marine batteries are the best of the best: 

  • All batteries are thoroughly tested (must pass QC) before being shipped.
  • LBP cases are waterproof and UN/DOT 38.3 compliant.
  • LBP batteries feature an oversized BMS with built-in heat sink to better manage heavy applications. 
  • We use nothing but solid steel hardware and welds- not plastic screws like some other companies use to save $.
  • We source the highest quality cells from China and assemble here in the USA.
  • Our in-house R&D engineers are constantly fine tuning and improving our designs.
  • Your investment is backed with a 10 year warranty against defects.

Do you have a story of your LBP batteries surviving the unthinkable? If so, drop us a line at and you'll be entered to win up to $1000 to spend on new lithium batteries.