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LBP at SPI, ESI & North America Smart Energy Week 2019

Lithium Battery Power was in Salt Lake City, Utah from September 23-27 for the largest annual smart energy conference in North America. 

Lithium Battery Power is back from an exciting week in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, where our team was in town to attend SPI, ESI & North America Smart Energy Week 2019. Our goal this year for the conference was to promote our Energy Storage Batteries and Systems, aka solar batteries. LBP currently sells these Energy Storage Systems to work in conjunction with solar panels and inverters for a complete off-grid power solution in residential and commercial markets.  In addition to providing uninterrupted off-grid power reserves, LBP's ESS can also be grid-tied for back up, primary, or peak power reserves. 

Did you know that the price of a solar cell found in a solar panel has dropped from $77 in 1977 to less than a dollar in 2017? The advances in solar technology have led to an explosion in new companies doing installations of all types around the globe. This was evident at the show in Salt Lake City, which featured everything from car charging solar canopies to farm based wind turbines and lithium battery powered ESS for the home. Many people remarked that Lithium Battery Power was the gem of the show! That is because our made in the USA lithium batteries fill a very specific need with unmatched performance and build quality.

Lithium ESS is the Wave of the Future

In the last few years there’s been a huge groundswell of interest in sustainable energy and lithium ion batteries are at the forefront of this movement. Without lithium, solar panels have no way of storing all of the power that they harness from the sun. As the technology continues to improve and the prices get even lower, expect to see lithium ion batteries outsell lead acid in the next 10 years or less.

On display in our booth was a complete off-grid type system which showcased the equipment in action. The Energy Storage System was used to power the electronics in the 20x20 booth for the entirety of the week, with recharging done at night. Our latest creation was the star of the show: a custom 10 kW lithium battery enclosed in a stainless steel compact case. This beast of a battery is UL compliant and can be grid-tied for all applications. We had it hooked up to a split phase residential power inverter and Victron Bluetooth Smart Gauge (displays the state of charge and more).

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Contact Us About Custom Lithium ESS

LBP places the highest priority on safety and utilizes the same technology in all of our ESS (Energy Storage System) products. We not only sell lithium batteries and smart gauges, but also Sigineer power inverters of all sizes. We are proud to offer complete battery customization that others do not, and all LBP products come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. If you’re interested in having our team of engineers build you a custom lithium battery to store energy from your solar system, please fill out the form on this page and one of our friendly staff members will contact you with more details.