The Advantages of Our Batteries

The Advantages Of Our Batteries

  • Lightweight: Our battery is one of the lightest.
  • Flexible: Can be installed and operated anywhere.
  • Fast Charging: the battery can be fully charged in just 1 hour.
  • Anti Drop Voltage: Our lithium battery circuits have been designed as powerful as possible so that the drop voltage can be eliminated.
  • Best Charging Efficiency: The battery will receive 100% accurate power from the charger. This battery is also designed to be charged at a constant current and voltage.
  • Customization Charging: These batteries can be charged with some charging methods, namely Bulk, Absorb and Float Charging (Bulk 14.4V, Absorb 14.6V and float at 13.6V).
  • Without Self Discharge: Our batteries can last up to one year. Self-discharge reduces battery life and causes the battery to be initially less than full charge when actually in use.
  • Protective Vibration: Batteries are arranged and bolted together so that produce a reliable and robust construction. By any vibration, the battery will be durable and resistant to accept it.
  • Double Capacity: This battery has a capacity that similar to double of amp hour lead batteries.
  • Wear-Resistant: Lithium-Ion batteries that run out at level 80A will last nearly 3 hours.
  • Higher Energy Density: Lithium Ion batteries have high energy density up to 4 times from lead-acid batteries. If the lead-acid battery has 50 Wh/kg, then the lithium battery has 200 Wh/kg.
  • Supreme Capacity: Our batteries can be discharged entirely without damaging the battery. Our cells also produce 8% more capacity than rated. A 100 AH battery can deliver a capacity of 108 AH. This battery is also unaffected by Peukert's Law. It means that it can provide its full measurable capacity.
  • Best Cell Composition: Our batteries are powered by 3.2V 5 AH Lithium-Ion Cells Cylinders. Batteries are composed of explosive fire arresters, flame-retardant electrolytes, and thermal fuses. The cells are bolted to long circuit boards that provide additional strength, balance, and short circuit protection.
  • Good Design: Our batteries are designed to have good power and conductivity. The quality of our LiFePO4 battery designs is guaranteed. These batteries retain the highest overall packet capacity and are designed to pass 3000 - 5000 cycles.
  • Reliable: Our proven technology and reliability make our batteries one of the best.
  • Applications: Our products can be used in hundreds of applications such as Electric Vehicles, RV's, Boats, Cars to Robots, Telecommunication towers, airborne military vehicles and unmanned air vehicles.
  • Customer Service: We are ready 24 hours to help you. All your calls will be forwarded to our representatives that available in almost all parts of the world.