Reel Estate Charters x Lithium Battery Power Promo

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Captain Ryan Harrington of Reel Estate Charters is one of the leading charter captains in the Tampa Bay area. He knows that fishing requires a reliable battery that's as powerful and lightweight as possible. Traditional lead batteries are double the weight of lithium and are prone to acid leakage and failure over time. We swapped out his outdated technology for a new set of Lithium Battery Power Deep Cycle 12V 75Ah Lithium Ion Batteries


The installation was a breeze, and we made sure that all five of Ryan's old lead batteries were safely recycled. We also supplied him a new 3 Bank 12v 15 ah Charger for his trolling motor. 



Lithium Battery Power is currently offering 10% off for anyone who uses the special code: Reelestate at checkout. If you've been thinking about making the switch to lithium batteries for your boat, RV, or car/truck, this is a great opportunity to upgrade that won't last long.