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Lithium Ion Cylindrical Cells Vs. Prismatic Cells

Lithium Ion Cylindrical Cells Vs. Prismatic Cells

Cylindrical and Prismatic Cells are the best options on the market for building Lithium Batteries. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of each cell type before you buy the battery for the desired application.

Cylindrical Cells

The cylindrical cell continues to be one of the most widely used packaging styles of today. With its superiority making it easy to manufacture and have excellent mechanical stability. Tubular cylinders can withstand high internal stress without deformation.

Prismatic Cells

Prismatic cells are the most popular today due to their large capacity. The shape can connect easily four batteries at once to form a battery pack.

Cylindrical Advantages

The cylindrical cell battery has a strong and robust advantage as its casing has protected. Batteries, in this case, are more resistant to working at hot temperatures. Resistance to shocks is also excellent, then this battery is often familiar to use on electric vehicles. Many cells are combined in series and parallel to increase battery voltage and capacity. If one cell is damaged, the impact on the whole package is low.

Prismatic Disadvantages

Prismatic cells consist of many positive and negative electrodes that are flanked together making it possible for short circuit and inconsistency. Prismatic cells die faster because thermal management is less efficient and relatively sensitive to deformation in high-pressure situations. Other disadvantages include a limited number of standard sizes and higher average hourly wattage prices. BMS is also complicated to handle this sell because of the capacity that is owned.


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Lithium Battery Power Battery Safety Features and Design

Our products have multiple layers of great safety redundancy systems at the cellular level. The most important security feature in our latest cell design is the internal thermal fuse between the anode and the cathode which will turn off the cell before the temperature rises, preventing the pressure from accumulating and activating the 1.5 Mpa safety vent. BPS is designed to protect cells from this anomaly by opening at 15.8V and should fail in a closed state that allows excess current into the cell.


We have created our latest technology, our batteries now have thermal safety fuses between the anode and the cathode. They will break if the cells will begin to overheat. It also protects from being over-charged.


High-pressure protective features are also embedded in our batteries. Protector will open to release energy and prevent explosions if exposed to tremendous heat.


Our cells are manufactured to make fireproof with electrolytes that keep them safe. This condition is likely to occur only if the charger or controller fails to flood the current to the battery.


Every Battery cell is manufactured in an explosion proof stainless steel cylindrical case. All cells are matched by measuring “10 consistency” during several charge/discharge cycles at the end of production.

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Cell Matching Process

  • The consistency of Self Discharge
  • The consistency of Voltage
  • The consistency of Inner Impedance
  • The consistency of Capacity
  • The consistency of Cycle Life
  • The consistency of Platform
  • The consistency of Constant Current Rate
  • The consistency of Cell Power Control
  • The consistency of Parallel Module Control
  • The consistency of Finished Battery Module.
Cell Balancing

BMS sends more current through Lengthway Circuit Board to sell with a smaller voltage. BMS also cut the charging sell if the voltage exceeds the limit.

Bolted Cells

Positive and negative terminals of the battery are already bolted together. It keeps connections running generally at high loads and improved current conductivity.

Lengthway Board

The Lengthway Circuit Board serves to stabilize the current flow. It also protects the short circuit and keeps the battery pack firmly.

Circuit Protection

Our batteries are also available circuit protection features. This feature protects the battery in case of overheating. This feature also protects the battery cells to run if there is damage to one cell.