Commercial Vehicle Lithium Batteries

Unleashing Great Power

Lithium Battery Power commercial lithium ion batteries are designed to support your commercial activities such as industrial, mining, lift trucks, and military applications. Our batteries are engineered and manufactured through state of the art technology with exceptional features such as Full Automatic Battery Power System which makes our batteries require No Maintenance. We created one just for you. It’s designed with great quality that makes us comfortable enough to provide you with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We have served our customers worldwide including FORTUNE 500 Companies and Government Agencies such as NASA, General Electric, and Boeing. For everyone from engineers to technicians to military forces to navy, Commercial Lithium Ion Batteries are ready to support your commercial activities.

We have lithium ion batteries for heavy duty equipment in all fields of work from farming to construction to paving and anything in between.

FAIL SAFE | The Technology behind The Safety

We always care about safety same as you do. We express it by selling the batteries with excellent safety features. One of the excellent safety features in our batteries is Battery Protection System (BPS). With the BPS feature, the voltage of our batteries can be detected. It can prevent under-voltage condition, over-voltage condition, over-charged and over-discharged which can lead to severe accident. The BPS will turn off the battery from sensing reverse polarity, a short circuit, over current, over and under voltage. It will allow you to enjoy the great performance of this battery.

Plug & Play

Easy to Install.

Battery Protection System

Provides good protection and safety mechanism.


Commercial Lithium Ion Batteries can be recharged at any level.


Available in two connection options (series and parallel).

Zero Maintenance

Require no maintenance and has long standby mode (up to 1 year from single charge).

Safety redundancy

Commercial Lithium Ion Batteries have excellent safety mechanism and features.

Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries Vs. Lead Acid Batteries

Better Lifetime

Our commercial lithium ion batteries life cycles is 5000 times or more, much greater compared to just 100 – 500 cycles in lead acid batteries. In average, when lead acid batteries reach 150 cycles, it will produce less than half of their rated capacity which makes you need to buy new one. This means you need to replace lead acid batteries for 30 times to get the same life cycles of 1 set commercial lithium ion batteries. Therefore, our commercial lithium ion batteries can save lot of your money!

Higher Voltage

Commercial applications usually require high torque application to start the engine. High voltage battery is required in order to support high torque application since it will lead the power electronics and inverters to operate at their optimal efficiency. Our commercial lithium ion batteries have higher and steady voltage with 99.1% efficiency. This steady and higher voltage can prevent the batteries from losing power due to heat loss, the classic problem commonly faced by the lead batteries.

Fast Charging

Heat loss built up by resistance during charging is a common issue that leads acid batteries have. This makes lead acid batteries lose 10-50% of their energy from the charge which means the lead acid batteries only have 50 – 80% efficiency. Our commercial lithium ion batteries have higher efficiency than lead acid batteries (99.1% efficiency). It is also equipped with fast charging feature that allows you to full charge this battery in less than an hour!

More Usable Capacity

On average, lead acid batteries are supposed to be drained to 50% before it can be recharged. It is just like having 1000 USD in your pocket but you are only able to use half of it! We realize that commercial applications require more usable capacity in order to cope with some commercial activities. Therefore, we have designed the lithium ion batteries that allow you to use all 100% of the rated capacity safely without reducing its life expectancy.

Lifetime Warranty

In order to reduce your initial battery cost, we proudly provide you with the lifetime warranty. Our commercial lithium ion batteries have up to 5000 cycles that makes you require no replacement again even if you drain the batteries every day. Our batteries can last for more than 10 years which equals to more than 3650 cycles!

Deliver Great Performance

Our commercial lithium ion batteries are designed to always deliver great performance. Our batteries can maintain over 80% of their rated capacity even after 2000 cycles! To put it simply, if you have 100 Ah lithium battery, the same battery will have 80 Ah after 2000 cycles.

No Memory

Lead acid batteries are suggested to use recommended depth of discharge before it is being recharged. It can limit the flexibility of the usage of the batteries. Therefore, we offer you full flexibility by designing the batteries that can be recharged anytime and have no memory.

Frequently Asked Questions - Knowledge Base


Our commercial lithium ion batteries are made from custom cells built with a safety fuse, a high pressure vent, a flame retardant additive and explosion-proof stainless steel enclosure to provide you the maximum safety. It is also built with 3.2V 5 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells which are the most robust and safest chemistry used for lithium ion batteries. In this video, you can see the detail of battery design along with its cells and circuit boards that are equipped with internal battery management system which can maintain and balance the cells for thousands of cycles.

3.2V 5AH Lithium Ion Smart Cell

The lithium iron phosphate is often used to form the lithium ion batteries due to its low-toxicity, low-cost, long-term stability, well-defined performance and thermal and chemical stable which improves the battery safety. Our commercial lithium ion batteries are manufactured with 3.2V lithium iron phosphate enclosed with proof stainless steel cells. It is bolted together with firm connection and produces superior electrical conductivity. Below are the other details about the safety features within our batteries.


There is a thermal safety fuse installed between the anode and cathode that will begin to operate when the temperature limit is exceeded.


A high pressure safety vent prevents from battery explosion by releasing the energy when the battery is exposed to extreme heat.


Flame retardant electrolyte is one of the key components to reduce the impact of fire and to make the cells safer.


The cells within our batteries have explosion proof case manufactured from stainless steel cylindrical case.


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