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Battery Chargers


Lithium Battery Power Lithium Ion Batteries have a built-in battery protection system that allows it to be charged with a standard charger. If your battery charger does not reach 14.4V to 14.6V during charging, the battery may not be fully charged. In this case we would recommend you buy a Lithium Battery Power Charger, because the charger has a feature that is rapid charging so it is faster to fill it faster.

- Alternator : Most alternators can allow a fill of about 14.4 - 14.8V. It would be smart enough to charge the battery in normal conditions.

- Inverter Charger / Solar Controller : Lately, Inverter chargers are found in almost every RV, trailer, motorhome, truck camper, etc. The inverter carries a full power inverter charger. The charger inverter has a built-in transfer switch that can be connected to an AC source such as a power shore or generator. Most chargers inverter has a remote that can be programmed with either a battery charging system, battery gel or AGM. They have 3 special charging settings also as follows:

Bulk 14.4V
Absorb 14.6V
Float 13.6V

(If you do not have a custom setting choose the profile as close to this as possible without going over 15V)

- Zero Memory Charging : Lithium Battery Power is 99.1% efficient and has no memory. It lets you drain the battery and recharge at any Depth Of Discharge (DOD).